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Spray Foam Insulation Cork

Spray foam insulation is widely recognised as the most effective insulation material in reducing heat loss and creating an airtight envelope.

Spray foam insulation is created when 2 components, isocyanate and polyol resin combine in an exothermic reaction to create an expanding foam.

After extensive research and testing we have built up a range of products suitable for any insulation need.

For residential, attic insulation, roof, floor and wall insulation use we use CPI Foam's Ezero E-500 open cell spray foam insulation. The foam has been tested by the NSAI and has received its coveted Agrément Certificate.

The NSAI has conducted rigorous test to make sure the foam performs to the manufactures specification and is tested in Irish climatic conditions.

We provide 2 options for cavity wall insulation, Walltite spray foam insulation and ThermaBead bonded bead. Both are certified and are industry leaders providing unrivalled airtightness and value for money.


Attic Insulation

Open cell spray foam is the most cost effective way to eliminate heat loss from your attic saving you up to 50% on your heating bills.

Its important to remember that all timbers need to breathe, so there need to be an air gap maintained between foam and felt to allow the escaping water vapour to meet the outside air.

Open cell spray foam is designed to allow the water vapour to escape while maintaining a continuous airtight seal.

Commercial Insulation

Agricultural, Shed, Commercial or Industrial

Closed cell foam insulation is widely recognised as the premier insulation material for all metal, asbestos, wooden or concrete surfaces.

The product is sprayed on as a liquid expanding to 100 times its size instantly reaching a level of airtightness unachievable with any other type of insulation product.
It can be used in all types of attic space from new roofs with breathable membranes to old roofs with just slate and battens. The savings made on heating costs over the years are tremendous. […]

Spray Foam Insulation

There are two types of spray foam insulation that we use at EnviroFoam

Open Cell and Closed Cell.

Open Cell spray foam insulation is used in residential applications, attic, floor, wall and roof. Its expansion is much greater than closed cell it is flexible and moves with your home without changing its structure.

Closed Cell spray foam insulation is used in industrial, commercial and argicultural applications. It expansion is much less than open cell and it forms a dense ridgid cover that does not allow water vapor or air to excape.


Attic Conversions

If you require your attic to be converted into more living space spray foam insulation is perfect for the job. Once the foam has been applied to the rafters it can be cut to be perfectly flush with the rafters filling every gap.

Breathable Vent Card

CPI Foam's Unique 'Breathable Vent Card' allows your timber to breathe while maintaining a airtight seal.

Part L of the building regulations start that a 50mm air gap be maintained between insulation material and roofing felt.