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What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to quality and our understanding of the principles, products, and practices that go into creating a thermal envelope that fully integrates every other component of the structure.

This commitment to quality and our breadth of building science knowledge insures that structures we insulate will perform as they should.

With 20 years experience in the construction industry, EnviroFoam believe in providing our customers with sound insulation options grounded in building science so that they can make informed choices.

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With this approach in mind we offer several insulation systems of varying performance and price ranges for our clients.

But, we have come to the conclusion after extensive research and personal experience that spray foam insulation, specifically Ezero E 500, outperforms all other alternatives.

We strongly recommend you do the research for yourself, and we believe you will understand why we have chosen to insulate our own homes with spray foam insulation and why we recommend you do the same.

"I noticed the difficulties clients have in attaining a truly efficient performance from the insulation in their projects. When I discovered Spray Foam Insulation I found a product that can achieve the most demanding requirements with ease. The product is sprayed in as a liquid expanding 100 times its size instantly hence a level of airtightness unachievable with any other type of insulation product. It can be used in all types of attic space from new roofs with breathable membranes to old roofs with just slate and battens. The savings made on heating costs over the years are tremendous."

Kieran Curtin

Director of Envirofoam has over 20 years experience in the Construction Industry

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NSAI Agrément Cert