Cavity Wall Bead Insulation

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Cavity Wall Bead System

Thermobead cavity wall insulation are industry leaders in providing high performance, injected blown bead insulation systems. With outstanding cavity wall insulating properties, it is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Thermobead and Thermobead Plus Cavity Wall Insulation consists of an expanded polystyrene material injected in bead form with a bonding agent. The bonding agent is used to provide long-term stability to the insulant.

The Thermobead Cavity Wall Insulation Systems can be installed using a compressed air delivery system. The polystyrene bead is delivered in a container and injected into the cavity with the bonding agent. The target mean density for this product installed with the bonding agent is not less than 12 kg/m3.


Cavity Wall Insulation Benifits

20% more efficient than rock and glass wool

30% less drill holes when compared to the standard solution

Reduces heat loss by around 70%

Up to 30% reduction on fuel bill

No settlement and no wastage

Up to 30% reduction on fuel bill

Consistent density with constant thermal protection throughout the installed area

NSAI Agrément Certified

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